Think for a moment


A deer remains ignorant about the precious musk present in its navel, fish are unaware of the pearls hidden in their stomach, similarly humans restrict their knowledge about the precious gift hiding in our heart that is wisdom. When a man roots to animalistic tendencies, his ears, eyes do not increase in size on the contrary when he acquires angelistic forms his organs remain the same, then what is it that gets constructed or destructed within us? It is the Wisdom (Qalb) which is important. Unfortunately, our Wisdom is covered with a veneer of darkness, ignorance, deceptions and laziness, because we neglected the gift. People have started working towards the materialistic world so that they appear outwardly beautiful, but if we look at the elemental form of the humans, I would not hesitate to say that they are falling at a rapid rate, all for their tremendous negligence and lack of Prophetic or pious guidance. Remember, the human mind, the eyes, tongue and all the activities would not change its course until the wisdom of the heart is not transformed or dealt with, which is exactly why the Prophets were sent i.e. transforming people from the roots. Worldly success is not the real success rather it’s the plastic or artificial form of self centred happiness; the real success radiates from inside. It is the mind’s scientific aspect that has developed a lot, now we must work to develop the spiritual aspect of it.


If we tell a baby in the mother’s womb about the existence of the present world he or she would certainly disagree and respond saying, there is no such sun or moon or rain, similarly a fish in the river is unaware of the dire consequences if it jumps out of water. Both dwell in their darkness of ignorance, but in reality it all exists. So, I am here to inform you about the existence of life after death, Hell and Heaven, Day of Judgement which are yet to come, they all really exists, I have discovered them in my course. Once by attaining enlightenment you will too discover the hidden truth and eventually will request others to strive for the secret of enlightenment, so that today’s worldly pleasures do not transform into tomorrows disastrous nightmares due to the ignorance surrounding the mind and wisdom.