Treat the patients first then the disease.

The body has got tremendous inner healing power if we can fix these healing powers, the body would fight the illness itself. The public needs to be well informed how to deal with these common ailments. Conventional doctors need MRI. Scan, blood test X rays surgery where as we can simply diagnose the disease by touching the place. They need parameters every where to find out the cause of ailments and then treatments.

Traditional and integrated medicines have always put health on first ensuring compliance with nature’s law. The survival of the fittest. Their aim is to preserve the quality of life upto as near end of life as possible the logic tells it’s better to spend on health than on the disease.

Conventional medicine should become integrated and focus on the 3 most vital parameter physical & emotional stress management (yoga), circulation massage and digestion (diet). The simpler the life style the healthier and the easier is it to treat the people.

There needs to be return to more physical treatments- hands on. Treat the patients first then the disease.

The only way forward as to see it, is the introduction of integrated health ensuring the survival of the fittest, where most people come under this category, and where cures are carried out within the Laws of nature.

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The Integrated Medical Centre is a multi disciplinary facility provides health care for those who wish to maximize their health and fitness. The Integrated Medical Centre, a unique pioneering centre of excellence which creates a working model of effective healthcare by combining the best of modern and ancient healthcare systems of the world, to provide safe and effective treatments for the individuals.

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