Put your Nafs into training like a horse with qualities such as self control, patience, sacrifice and the ability to take on hardships then push your heart (Qalb) using the Mind’s Intellect, ILM, Experience, efforts, your wealth and resources, capacity and capabilities and tend towards your priorities (Dawah, Ibadath, Present sufferings, Health, Finance, Family and Akherath) proportionately in order to please Allah SWT (Ikhlas). Yet while doing the above mentioned, many obstructions and distractions will appear and will try to create hindrances in your path— mainly through the ways of the Nafs, Shaytaan and Khawhish, and through thoughts of non priority, wasvasa of the Heart. Do not get lost by their tricks. At times through the environment, ghaflah and forgetfulness will subdue you so much so you might stop working on what is important. It is like a match of football where the opponent tries to snatch or steal the ball and doesn’t stop until you score the goal. One must achieve success in earning your priorities and responsibilities by the Grace of Allah thereby learn how to protect and preserve those hard earned priorities.


1. Noor-e-Eimaan
2. Noor-e-Hidayat
3. Fear of Allah

For Example: Death might strike from 3 sides

A. Stress on the heart (Heart related ailments)

B. Diabetes complications or Cancer

C. Covid variants

Nafs, Shytan and Khawhish will make 1000 roads to destroy through above 3 paths.

Nafs Through:
Negativity Misguidance
Forgetting consequences

Shytan : He will trap you through various paths.

Khwaish (desires) will trigger many things for pleasure foods & entertainment which causes destructions

Work hard on 7 priorities. Dawah, Ibadath, Present sufferings, health, Finance, Family and Akherath.
(Protect yourself from everything that damages priorities such as — Ghaflah, spendthrift, distractions, obstructions etc.)


Six animals Pigs, Snake, Scorpion, Crocodile,Tiger and dogs which are hidden inside of you shouldn’t trigger you in different forms.

A. Some tests and adversities will continually strike from the sky, therefore never turn a blind eye or remain confused regarding them, because Allah will always put our Eimaan to test.

B. Shytaan will trap you in his net very meticulously, which you may not be able to identify.

At times the heart will watch observe other’s flaws, shortcomings and foolishness such that you retaliate with harshness.

At times your Ego will be hurt or your wishes are not fulfilled or others disobey you, you may react with anger.

At times huge anger and Nafsani khawhish might trigger you to destroy your Amaal.

At times adversities in the environment will create stress in the body, mind and heart.

What you need to practice is tongue-control, patience, self control, Sacrifice hardships and taking professional guidance (Maswara) such that you break your Nafs, khawhish, Ghaflat, ignorance, addictions and all other bad habits. Make sure that your body’s inner rhythm is maintained during these times.

Note: After following the above strategies, yet there is no guarantee you will not have face adversities and eventualities, simply because this Duniya and no one can have permanent peace and happiness.

Dr. Mohsin Ali