Sheikh Dr. Mohammad Moshin Ali is a world- renowned Integrative Medicine Practitioner and an Islamic Thinker of the Sciences of the Qalb (Tazkiyah). He completed his graduation from Calcutta University and then obtained formal edutation from Chinese Nature Cure Institute in Singapore, thereafter has practiced around the world in both western and eastern countries such as London, Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Hongkong and India where today he serves as the Medical Director at Integrated Medical Centre, Delhi. Four of his other brothers run a successful alternative medicine centre in the medical district of London, Harley Street.

Dr. Mohsin Ali has spent over 3 decades in the path of Tabligh and has been mentored by top Ulemas and Scholars such as Hazrat Sheikh Maulana Inamul Hasan Sahab R.A., Hazrat Sheikh Maulana Zubair Sahab R.A. Hazrat Maulana Ibrahim Dewla Sahab DB,Hazrat Sheikh Maulana Yaqoob Sahab R.A., and other prominent scholars who in the initial years spearheaded the work of Tabligh from Nizamuddin Markaz. The time devoted with these Sheikhs have left a tremendous and lasting impact on his life’s thinking which led him to discover the aspects of the Heart (Qalb). A chance instance while visiting a family member in Kolkata, he stumbled upon a book that read in Bengali, “ What all do I tell you, the heart is everything… the heart is everything.”. This felt like a moment of discovery for Dr. Mohsin Ali and led him to spend over 20,000 hours over a span of 10 years working and understanding the truest nature of the Qalb and its purification (Tazkiyah).

A testament to his deep love for Allah, his uncompromising dedication to Sunnah of the blessed Prophet SWS, and his firm adherence to Islamic Law (Shariah) is that countless muslim brothers and sisters learn and benefit from his discovery. An avid believer of Imam Ghazali R.A.’s sayings that the sciences of the Qalb were hidden from the average man for it could mislead them. Concurrently understanding the Qalb and its purification is of utmost importance and must be made a priority. Evils of the Heart are linked to flaws such as pride, ego, arrogance, hatred, lust etc. He stresses upon its purification as the matters of the Qalb help an individual reach greater heights of spirituality and Tasawwuf which otherwise is inaccessible.

One of his early teachings include — In order to know someone well, carefully observe his or her worldly life and dealings.”Another one is to — Learn wisely, Think correctly and Act perfectly, which repeatedly he has spread as a message as he watches the Muslim Ummah often slacking in knowledge, honesty and professionalism leading to their destructions.

Dr. Mohsin Ali is also the author of 7 books written in English out of which a few have been translated in other regional languages including Arabic.

Once he saw an magnificent dream. In this dream, he saw Prophet Muhammadï·º , which itself signifies the importance such a dream as meaningful and true. He (SWS) was walking on the on a rough mud road and at a distance the author saw the Prophet (SWS) lying on a bed at his old age. He went ahead to kiss his hand but the Prophet (SWS) did not allow him to do so. Instead the Prophet (SWS) said in the sweetest voice “Do not touch me” but later He himself touched Dr. Mohammad Mohsin and caressed him and to which he asked the Prophet (SWS), Oh Prophet Muhammad (SWS)! You asked me not to touch but you are touching me? Suddenly he realized that the Prophets(SWS) pitcher of milk was on the road and in danger from an approaching truck. He quickly went to retrieve the Prophets (SWS) pitcher and woke up as soon as he saved the milk. Astounded by the splendor and gravitas of such a dream, Dr. Mohammad Mohsin went ahead to ask scholars of its meaning and was informed that milk in dreams signifies knowledge. With this he started on the path to write books with the aim of inviting and preaching amongst human beings who can understand and comprehend written literature.